A 2-year old Portfolio: End-of-year Review

Today is the last day of 2020. What a year 2020 has been for every one. For some, it has been horrendous; for others it was just challenging but short of being daunting. For me, 2020 has been somewhat rocky, but not particularly disconcerting. I’m still able to keep my head above water career-wise, and in other aspects of life as well. Thank God.

My wife, the capable home captain, runs a tight ship, thanks to her efficient ways and thrifty trait. The kids all did well in school, with only the eldest needing a couple of months of tuition leading to the school’s final exams (the IP curriculum is challenging, to say the least).

I was thus able to concentrate on my work and investing. Here’s a quick summary of the portfolio:

Summary (30.12.2020)

#1 Self-selected Stocks

#2 MoneyOwl

#3 Syfe (Global ARI & Equity100)

Global ARI

1. Total Cost of Investment: $179,889.47 (Capital injected for 2020: $76,384.18).

2. Total Current Value of Investment: $187,902.71

3. Total Dividends Received in 2020: $5,788.23 (Average Cost Yield: 4.87%)

4. Total Profit from Closed Positions: $2147.42

I didn’t exactly have a plan or target to grow the portfolio to $200K by the end of 2020. I should cross that mark come the second quarter of the new year. Perhaps a $230K portfolio might be attainable end 2021, assuming I invest an average of $4K-5K per month.

Forever Portfolio

I am still very much a value cum dividend investor.

I am for value investing because I simply like a bargain … who doesn’t, right? Buying stocks at a discount to their intrinsic value appeals very much to me as I love to get good deals.  In addition, I also like dividend investing … mainly for these two reasons: (1) passive income from regular dividend payments; (2) capital appreciation over an extended period of time.

I have formulated my own dividend machine aka my Forever Portfolio that I hope to grow over time:

Only Keppel DC Reit is missing in my Forever Portfolio. Keppel DC is currently overvalued (PB: 2.42). Nevertheless, it might still be worth buying into given that it has plenty of investment merits. I need to sit down to study this stock carefully in order to make an informed decision.

Apart from the absence of Keppel DC Reit, my Forever Portfolio is close to completion and I should be able to sit back, maintain it as my own unique index, keep putting money into this portfolio, collect dividends, and tweak it from time to time. I keep reminding myself that it is time in the market that matters, and not to time the market. Similarly, I will continue to invest monthly in MoneyOwl and Syfe to capture the larger globally diversified investment market.


Going forward, my plan is to invest:

1. $1600 every month for MoneyOwl and Syfe (Equity100): S$800 each.

2. $2000-S$3000 every month for the Forever Portfolio or some growth stocks. I’ve been learning to get my feet wet with growth investing. It’s pretty exciting looking out for stocks that provide a significantly higher average rate of return than the general market. Might parking my money in Kristal with its offering of numerous Ark ETF portfolios be a hassle-free solution? I’ve got quite a lot of homework to do in 2021, don’t I?

2020 has been a problematic year for most investors. However, markets have generally recovered and investment opportunities still abound. I hope and pray 2021 will be a better year for every one looking to grow their portfolio.

Audentes fortuna iuvat! (fortune favours the brave)