Crossing the $200000 Mark

A major milestone is achieved just 4 months ahead of my 3-year investing journey. Coming to the end of July, my portfolio, in terms of capital invested, officially crossed the $200k mark. Here’s the summary:

Compared to some million dollar stock portfolios out there, my current portfolio size is really nothing to shout about. Nevertheless I’m still happy to have achieved this in some 32 months. “Keeping the faith” and staying the course when the market goes up and down on a roller coaster ride has not been easy. Many times I have to tell myself to stay unemotional when Mr Market throws a fit.

The last time I bought a stock based on personal analysis was sometime in April when I bought Keppel DC Reit. Since then, I have not found any stocks that I wish to acquire. Many of the stocks that I wish to accumulate such as SG reits have been overvalued for a while now, and I’m not comfortable buying them at their current price. Besides I do not have much time to do stock analysis since I’ve been kept very busy with my full-time job and side hustle.

What I do however is to stay committed to my DCA investment plans with MoneyOwl, Syfe and Kristal. By doing DCA I make sure that I’m committing a certain portion of my salary to the market every month. I’ve also slowly but surely enlarged my warchest, and I might put the accumulated savings earmarked for investment to good use on some Chinese tech stocks as the market rout in China deepens.

I’m not going in right now as there is no telling just when the current selloff will end. Nobody knows just how much further China’s government will continue its crackdown on tech companies. The Chinese stock market is nonetheless pretty battered now and I’m waiting for the right moment to come before opening my warchest. I can’t possibly buy at the bottom but I do wish to avoid catching a falling knife as much as possible because low can get lower. Maybe I will buy when the stock price is on the way up. I’m keeping a close watch on stocks such as Tencent, and Pinduoduo among others.

I do hope to take advantage of the current market rout in China to further grow my portfolio by another 10% before 2021 comes to a close, and to increase my portfolio size to 250K by the end of 2022, which in my estimation is very doable.


Disclaimer: I am only an amateur investor and nothing you read here on my blog constitutes financial advice.  I write here to detail my investments, strategies, and analyses.  Feel free to read at your own risk.  Should you need financial advice, consult a financial advisor.