I don’t know how My Portfolio is Performing

It’s true. I do not know just how well or how badly my portfolio is performing. I’ve not logged into my StockCafe account for weeks now, and I’m feeling perfectly fine.

Is the stock market in a deplorable gloomy state? Are the clouds going to be parting soon? Are we in an upturn in the crypto market? I don’t know and I’m feeling perfectly alright not keeping tabs on what is happening in the world stock market.

I rest on the assurance that the equities market will eventually recover and my portfolio will grow as a result. What I am doing now is DCA consistently into my portfolios with MoneyOwl ( Dimensional Global Core Equity & Dimensional Emerging Markets Large Cap Core Equity) and Syfe (100% REITS & Core Equiy 100), while at the same time growing my warchest.

I like this DCA method a lot, and I find that it suits my investment temperament pretty well. I don’t have to waste time and effort to time the market. I don’t have to worry about market conditions and this saves me from many “heart attack” moments. I also do not have to waste time studying trends and reading financial reports, although the latter is a pretty fun thiing to do). My time is freed up to do other things. such as maintaining a side hustle (about 10 hours per week) and catching up on Netflix shows.. I also find myself reading more for pleasure and even have the time to learn to play a new musical instrument, which is absolutely fulfilling. Most importantly, I am able to spend precious moments with the family.

My total cost of stock investment thus far is about S$238, 116.15. At the rate I’m going, I should be able to hit S$250, 000 and go beyond that by the end of 2023.

My wife has since last year returned to the workforce. She works from home 90% of the time and thus she is able to take care of the kids at the same time (we have never ever employed a maid).

So, as a family, with the addition of her income, we are able to live more than comfortably. Nevertheless, we have always been careful with how we spend our money, so that stays and we are able to just put more money away.

She is not as adventurous as I am when it comes to investing in the stock market. She is happy just monitoring our investments in the SSB and T-bills. Our plan is to put in 2k per month into these relatively safe harbours.

Managing finances should not be a hair-pulling experience. Just keep everything simple.